Monday, May 21, 2012

birth of a resourceful betty

in only the past few years, since i've lived on my own and away from my dear Midwestern family, i've begun to realize the importance of resourcefulness. as a child i understood the routine of composting, eating leftovers, recycling and thrifting, but i was too young to clue in to the importance of our family's routine. Midwesterners are notorious for their resourcefulness, a skill which today has been thrust into the mainstream (thank the sweet lord). since leaving my dear Minnesota for the west coast, i've been able to see how we Midwesterners carry this skill with us everywhere, and use it in our daily lives (the man in my life is from Michigan - together we make a great team; more on that later). not only do i aim to be resourceful for myself and the bf, but i am constantly encouraging my friends and roommates to do the same. why, just the other day Trevor (my beau) built us a compost bin out of old shipping pallets. we've only lived in our new house a few weeks but already we are committed to leaving as little a carbon footprint as possible. i recycle everything. i buy used clothing. i make meals using leftovers. these are the little things that can make a difference for our collective mother, the Earth. through this blog i hope to shed some light on the topic of resourcefulness and give helpful anecdotes and tips for readers to do the same. thanks, and enjoy!!

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