Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a great day in thrifting

it wasn't in my plans today, but going to the Truckee Hospice thrift store today brought me some good luck and incredible bargains. after the Farmer's Market, where Trev and i picked out some fresh, local, organic produce, i felt like it was worth a shot to check out the thrift store. almost immediately, i found some great jewelry that could be used for my own crafting and jewelry-making (taking things apart to use the pieces in a new way is my favorite hobby - upcycling!). a few minutes later, when i checked out the shoes, i found these incredible flat Børn sandals. if you don't know this European comfort brand, do some research and get to know them. for $12, this was a huge score. i would bet the original retail price was at least $110.
black Børn sandals, red Aerosole sandal wedges (backdrop is
tabletop from Salvation Army in Santa Cruz, 2009)

i've also been waiting for a pair of cute, flat, comfortable sandals to come my way, always keeping an eye out, which is why i had great success today (drawing upon some of the wisdom i shared in my vintage and thrift guide, found here). as i was heading to check out, i spotted yet another rack of shoes and a pair of red leather wedge Aerosoles. again, a comfort brand for only $3! these probably retailed for around $70 (check out that tribal print on the wedge - perfect for my style). 

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