Saturday, November 24, 2012

full of thanks

my belly is still reeling from the insane thanksgiving meal i had on Thursday and the following meals on Friday that only added to my fullness. finally, today (Saturday), i am feeling like my body is digesting. now that i am living in the Midwest again, i was able to join my family in Wisconsin for these meals and bring Trevor with me. it's been so great spending time with both sides of my family and seeing how they welcome Trev into the family.
Trev and I at Squaw, 2012

after being in California for 4 years and working every holiday through the winter it's like a breath of fresh air to come back to the Midwest and be with my blood family. i am so lucky to have a huge, warm, loving family here in Wisconsin and also a non-blood family in Tahoe that loves and supports me no matter what.

i am thankful for:
my family
our dog Datsyuk and his unconditional love
good, healthy homemade food
homegrown eggs
the Great Lakes
the ocean
my education
...and much more

even though the holiday of thanksgiving is over we can all appreciate and be grateful for everything in our lives, even the things that challenge us most. it is then that we learn from our past, our mistakes and our surroundings and become content with our world.

practice gratitude and everything else will follow.
my sister Erin and her son Abel

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