Tuesday, November 20, 2012

multi-use winter accessories

now that it's november in Minnesota, i've been happily pulling out my winter jackets, clothes and accessories. i am a summer baby but i do love layering and feeling cozy when its cold outside.

back in August i found an amazing, handmade vintage crochet shawl at Ragstock for about $6. with a little push and some inspiration from my style guides on instagram (@manrepeller is particularly influential) i put the shawl to the test as a scarf. lo and behold, it is a thing of beauty and warmth worn either way.
shawl/scarf, vintage rings, red nail polish and a recycled
military-inspired black jacket. 

when i get to school after braving the elements and the bus, then i use it as a shawl again to keep me warm in the cold classrooms. i love getting the most out of my money, using recycled pieces year-round!

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