Monday, November 12, 2012

trial and error

we all make mistakes. some are more costly or more hurtful, or sometimes just a misstep in this game of life. i recently purchased a pair of incredible black vintage riding boots online, only to receive them and find they didn't fit. how could this happen? i measured every angle of my own boots and compared to those listed on the site (Etsy - only the most amazing virtual marketplace ever). i had been searching for a pair of flat vintage boots, since one of the keys to vintage shopping is to keep an eye out.

you like? 

i bought them too soon. i was in a rush to have these gorgeous black boots but alas, they arrived and were just barely too big. since i bought them online from an Etsy seller, there was no chance of a refund. i had already negotiated a better price AND paid $25 for shipping from Canada. i immediately put the word out to my girlfriends, a few showed interest, but nothing serious. i'm hoping they sell to a friend, or i'll have to list them on Etsy again. i could try to consign them, as i'd usually do, but i wouldn't get nearly the same value as if i sold them on my own.

thus, patience is the key. since i'm not completely struggling for money right now, i can wait for the right buyer and price. i'd rather give up less cash than take less. perfect! saving money AND passing on a beautiful pair of boots to the right person.

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