Monday, September 24, 2012

betty negotiates

today i was faced with the issue of a miscalculated cell phone bill, due to a mistake made by a phone company employee a month ago. the old me would've gotten angry and started to take out my anger with customer service reps, who probably would then be unwilling to give me what i want. instead, i called, very nicely explained the situation, and firmly explained what i wanted the outcome to be. i can tell i'm a grad student on her way to becoming a full-on grown-up by doing this. turned out i had to call one more time, at which point i explained everything again, very nicely but firmly, and before i knew it i had credits on my bill and exactly the outcome i had requested. funny how being nice will get you what you want.....

to top it off, i found some AMAZING vintage boots on Etsy that i had been searching for, and finally had found my size. but the price was wrong. they were $25 more than the other pair i had looked at, so i sent a message to the seller to see if she was willing to negotiate. 3 hours later, she responded positively. i get the magical vintage boots that are the perfect size, and she still makes a decent sale to a fellow Etsy member. ta-daa!! negotiating can definitely contribute to my resourcefulness. and it feels so good to get a good deal!!

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