Sunday, September 23, 2012

a resourceful betty emergency

yesterday i was set to attend the wedding of a dear friend of mine and her man, in the woods of central Wisconsin. i planned to wear this amazing vintage velvet long gypsy skirt, since i could layer it properly and still be warm during the outdoors ceremony. i had tried the skirt on previously and knew that it was a little short, but figured it would be perfect to wear with flat ankle boots. i was mistaken.

applying the tulle around the hem of skirt
i didn't follow one of my own rules: TRY EVERYTHING ON. i didn't try it on at Savers, and after not wearing it for months i forgot how it actually fit me. when i went to get dressed for the wedding, it was just an inch too short even to wear with ankle boots. i had a backup of these cute high-waisted black plants, but i desperately wanted to wear this skirt with the amazing vintage lace bolero jacket my friend had given me.

getting a little help from our dog Bettie White
(note the amazing vintage lace bolero)

SO, i called my mom and asked her to pick up some materials to add to the hem of the skirt for added length. she came home with a roll of black tulle, black ribbon and an iron-on adhesive material. with very little time to spare, i started to unroll the tulle, figuring i could skip the iron-on stuff and just use simple masking tape. i planned to layer the tulle 3 times over. it took me about 30 minutes to do the whole thing and when i went to put on the skirt, all the material i had painstakingly applied came right off. i went to the backup of black pants, which my mom proclaimed were 'adorable.'

i learned my lesson, and even though i was hoping that the vision of velvet gypsy skirt and lace bolero would become a reality, i'll have to go back to the crafting table. i'll look for a fabric that can add about 4 inches to the hem and i will sew it on next time, making sure to have enough time to try it on again before i wear it out.

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  1. Awww,I'm just seeing this now!!! You were adorable at our wedding! I'll have to see the skirt in person another time. :)