Sunday, September 2, 2012

consignment gold at the end of the rainbow

unless you've been living under a rock and know nothing about me (or have never read this blog before), you know nothing about my obsession with used and secondhand goods. i love thrifting and vintage shopping so much i even wrote a guide for my readers and followers so you too can strike gold at your local thrift shop or vintage boutique.
silk Marc Jacobs blouse, purchased for $26
in 2008

last week i was given the privilege to pick a few things out (for back-to-school, yay!!) with my parents at my favorite consignment store EVER, Fashion Avenue. i could go into more detail about its location but that would be completely giving up the secret. there i found a sweet scoop neck Velvet brand wool-blend tunic and a light-colored and lightweight plaid button down by Free People, all together for under $60.

the lot of scores from 1 week of consignment shopping

a few days later, my dad called and said i had a store credit at Fashion Avenue as a late birthday present, so i was able to go pick out a few more things for school, when i found an adorable grey sweater dress by Free People and some J Brand black denim bootcut jeans, again for about $60. that may seem like a lot to spend on just a few items, but knowing what i do about these brands means they will last for a long time, fit me well, and can be consigned for something different if i decide i don't like them anymore.
keyhole and ribbon detail from the back of Free People sweater dress

i cannot tell you how satisfying it feels to find such amazing deals on high quality clothing. i mean i can, and i am now, but i recommend you find out for yourself. check my guide (all 3 parts) for more info and tips to making the most of your money! being resourceful will always pay off, i guarantee.

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