Sunday, September 30, 2012

homemade skincare (for next to nothing)

lately i've been noticing that my skin has been breaking out more and reacting to the change in climate (Northern Cal to Minnesota is quite an adjustment - in many ways). Trevor suggested that i was washing my face too much but i dismissed it months ago, since he's a boy and probably doesn't know anything about skincare anyways. i try to be very careful about the products i use and of course, good skin comes from within, but nothing was working. some of you may know about my skincare routine and how obsessive i can be about it sometimes. i've written home spa posts before, which you can refer to for further resourceful ideas about natural, homemade skincare.

the finished tonic
i started going down to 1 wash a day at night, which is crucial to preventing breakouts. going to sleep with makeup on is the worst thing you can do to your skin. i'm also cutting back on sugars and trying to switch to more tea and less coffe, though as a grad student that will be hard to do.

in the mornings now i use a homemade lavender facial tonic that i whipped up in about 30 seconds. using a small glass spray bottle, a pinch of fresh lavender and filtered water, i made this super easy, all natural tonic.

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