Saturday, September 1, 2012

takeout, eggs, and magic

this morning i searched the fridge for something i could use in my eggs for a healthy, filling and not-too-heavy breakfast. as you may have seen here before, i absolutely love eating eggs and leftovers for my breakfast , and it's a great way to use what you already have. being on a budget doesn't have to mean eating cereal for breakfast and ramen noodles for your other 2 meals.

2 nights ago, my parents and i got some super delish takeout from the Holy Land , a Mediterranean food mecca (pun intended) in Northeast Minneapolis. for $20, we got an appetizer plate that included hummus, baba ghanouj, falafel and dolmas (stuffed grape leaves - amazing!), a lamb pita plate with saffron rice pilaf, and a large tabouleh salad. we ate most of the food that night, but the leftovers were put to good use the next day and again this morning. i used the lamb meat with the eggs and added fresh chevre (soft goat cheese), and added the tabouleh to the same plate to have a vegetable and a little spice. it made for an incredible breakfast and kept me full for hours afterward! i like to have a bigger breakfast with lots of protein, so i stave off any snacking and hunger until i'm ready to have a small meal or lunch.

lamb and chevre scramble served with authentic
Mediterranean tabouleh
now that i live in a bigger city again, i have countless options for affordable, healthy food. i also love foods from all over the world, so the Twin Cities are perfectly fulfilling. curry goes great with eggs, as well as stir fries and rice dishes. do some research about your tastes and what's available in your city so you can get creative and be resourceful!!

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