Friday, June 22, 2012

shopping in your pretty panties

as i'm sure you already know (unless you've been living in a cave deep in a faraway jungle), this here fancy internet is a haven for online shoppers. if you read the how-to guide i wrote for vintge, thrift and consignment shopping (if you didn't - go here and follow the archives to see all 3 parts) and you are realizing you're not the type to dig through racks and racks of clothes, maybe online boutiques are more up your alley. i am willing to share a few of my prized websites for affordable and stylish clothes.

it can be hard to control your impulses when presented with the ease of the internet, but remember a few things so you don't have to live with any guilt for overspending. 
  • head to the sale section first - if you find enough cute things on sale or clearance, you may be able to steer clear of regular-priced merchandise altogether. i've found AMAZING designer pieces for $100 or less, which were originally $300-500. 

  • check a few different websites - often times, different sites and online boutiques carry the same or very similar items. browse a few sites and see if you can find a better deal!

  • know your measurements - it can be hard to gauge the sizes of different designers and brands. with a little investigating, you can find the size charts and specifics somewhere on the site. this can save you the effort of returning anything.

my faves!

Shopbop : be sure to give yourself a LOT of time to get started on this site. based out of Madison, Wisconsin, shopbop carries a wide range of designers, price ranges and styles. if you're searching for an amazing Alexander Wang dress and can spend 6 hundo, you can find it here. great features like the Wishlist and My Designers allow you to track not only your purchases, but things you've browsed and your little heart desires. also great for sharing with friends and family around the holidays and your birthday!

a page from the 2012 Threadsence summer lookbook. cute!
Threadsence : this super-cute online shop features amazing styles for reasonable prices and inspirational lookbooks to give you ideas. i also follow threadsence on facebook and Instagram, which gives me instant access to new items and looks on the daily (follow me @sakioto). the ladies of threadsence will even run "shop or drop?" campaigns to allow us as the consumers to decide what's listed in the shop or not. it's awesome! 

Nasty Gal : another LA-based online boutique in the realm of Threadsence, with just a teensy bit more edge and punk. i also follow these gals on Instagram, where i can see behind-the-scenes shots and pics of the ladies at happy hour. personally i like seeing the faces behind the computer screen where i buy my cute stuff. there's no denying that with a name like "nasty gal," this website is  sure to fulfill some of my retail needs. 

Zappos : what started as a shoe website has grown into a massive online warehouse of high-end and bargain shoes, clothing, accessories and even beauty products. 24-hour free shipping (both ways, should you need to return anything) and an insanely friendly customer service staff makes Zappos a favorite for millions. if you go in without anything to look for, be careful: you may end up spending way more than you bargained for!
currently coveting these boots from
Zappos. under $100!

and with this, i send you off into the great wide world of online boutiques and shopping. look for good deals and check back often!! 

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