Wednesday, June 6, 2012

big sister b-day

today i MUST post in honor of my beautiful, amazing big sister Erin, as she has been a great influence on me that i am so grateful for, in countless ways. Erin has always been a super resourceful Betty; i remember her teaching herself to make brownies from scratch while still in high school. today, Erin is a mother to my nephews Emmett and Abel and a wife to her hubby Dwight. on top of her domestic duties and resourcefulness, my sister is an attorney in Minneapolis (the good kind of attorney). i couldn't be more proud to call Erin my big sister, among other positive things: yogini, mother, wife, daughter, lawyer, writer and friend. happy birthday Erin, i love you and can't wait to be home with you again. 

Emmett and Abel, ages 2 and 2 days
Erin and I in Tahoe, 2010

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  1. Aww, thanks Helga. You're the best. I love you oodles, proud to call you my sister.