Friday, June 1, 2012

a home practice

as a devout yogini, i make an effort to practice with my teacher at her studio at least twice a week. i pay about $10 for each class, which is actually a really good price for a class with Ann Marie (check out her studio website, although the price is right, i felt the need to continue my yoga practice at home at least one more time a week. last week i discovered that our large kitchen was a great spot, though i then had some foot traffic from my roommates while i was practicing (hard to avoid). yesterday when i woke up at 9am i knew it would already be too hot to go for a run so i found a spot in our backyard where i could set up my yoga mat for a one-hour home practice. we have a spot in the yard with a few chairs and flat space, like so:
this way, i had no distractions and was able to practice yoga outside among the sequoia and pine trees. if you have the space outside or inside your home, even if a temporary setup, i highly recommend finding the time for a home practice. yoga and meditation have been invaluable to my well-being and if you have any interest in starting a home practice, i suggest checking out for helpful tips and poses to practice at home. i'd like to especially thank my big sister Erin for introducing me to yoga almost a decade ago. through this shared love we have grown even closer and physically and emotionally healthier. thank you Erin, i love you!!!

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