Saturday, June 9, 2012

efficient errands

two days ago, Trevor and i desperately needed groceries and other supplies, so we made the 30 mile trip to Reno from Truckee to stock up and save. living in the mountains is spectacular in many ways, but is not at all cost-effective. its really expensive to live in this area, but the trade-off makes it worthwhile (usually). to be most efficient during our errands, we made the trip around Reno and all of our stops without going out of our way at all. we also made sure to get our groceries from WinCo, an employee-owned grocery chain, where everything is half the price it is at the Truckee Safeway. we even got to see our good friends Kristyn and Barrett, on our way out of town. though these trips require dropping a little more cash at one time than normal, the payoff and savings are huge. when running errands, being efficient saves time, energy and gas. all good things!

coming soon: a How-To guide to cosignment, thrift and vintage shopping. any ideas or comments for the multi-post series are appreciated!

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